Designed for daily wear with a reinforced heel and toe.



Made from a cotton and wool blends for healthy feet.



Extra padding underfoot for happy feet.



A stable cuff, plus ankle and calf support, means your Bunnell’s aren’t going anywhere.

Bunnell knows socks

David and Mel Bunnell are a family who love socks. They’ve purchased a lot of socks for their family over the years. But a lot of these have stayed in the sock drawer because they weren’t comfortable, kept slipping down or got holes after the first wear. Frustrated at not being able to find the perfect pair of socks, David and Mel decided to make their own.

The world’s comfiest socks

The Bunnells know that it’s the little things that make your day better—like a comfy pair of socks. Drawing on David’s extensive experience of supplying quality school and workwear as the CEO of New Zealand Uniforms, they set out to create the comfiest pair of socks in the world. Designed in New Zealand, Bunnell Socks combine comfort, quality and carefully considered design features. Bunnell make socks for school and for work, but David and Mel won’t mind if you want to wear them at the weekend, too.


“If your Bunnells aren’t the most comfortable pair of socks that you’ve
ever worn, we’ll give you your money back.”

- David and Mel Bunnell